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Sharing a calendar in Sharepoint 2007

One of the most annoying omissions in Sharepoint 2007 is the inability to share calendars between sites and subsites:

  • maintain a master calendar and view it (or part of it) in a subsite, or
  • maintain a calendar in the subsite and “roll it up” with other subsite calendars to a master view in the main site.

Apparently this is rectified in Sharepoint 2010 but if you’re unable to upgrade, and aren’t allowed to build your own webparts, you’ve to look elsewhere for a solution:

  • use a 3rd party webpart (can recommend the Bamboo Solutions offering having used it elsewhere), or
  • hacking together via the page viewer webpart (I never got this to work but your mileage may vary)

However this article describes a 3rd option we implemented which met the requirement by not using calendars at all.  Instead we used XML.
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