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UPK simulations not working in LMS package? Check SCORM version

There are probably a million reasons why UPK does not work when published on your LMS. This may help resolve one of them.

Just created a LMS package without issue. But when publishing on our LMS (we’re using Oracle iLearn) the module would work fine until I try to run one of the simulations. After clicking “See It”, “Try it” or “Know It”, nothing would happen.

Turns out the reason why not was because I’d built the package with the wrong version of SCORM. When publishing (and SCORM version is set when publishing, not as part of the UPK options), UPK defaults to SCORM version 1.3 (2004).

However our LMS is only at 1.2. So the reason why the simulations were not loaded was simply that the package and LMS could not communicate over progress/status.

Changing the SCORM version to 1.2 in UPK, and republishing the LMS package, resolved the issue. The package now presents, completes and tracks perfectly.

[Annoyingly, this setting is not saved so you have to remember to reset it each time you publish. Would be better as a global option - you listening Oracle?]