flagSter is a search application for flags, built by isambard.

flagSterDesigned for the iPhone (all flavours) flagSter allows you to enter visual search criteria (“it’s red with horizontal stripes”) and identify what flag you’re looking at. Once found it then provides an explanation of the symbols and history of the flag design.

Currently (version 1.5) includes 449 flags:

  • national flags
  • state and territory flags
  • city flags
  • nautical signal flags
  • organisation flags

Regular updates to both add new flags, and keep up with changes in national flags (thanks Libya). ¬†Once started on this application it’s amazing how often flags actually change!

Available in iTunes Stores around the world.

Tip: When viewing flag details, switch to landscape mode to get a close-up view of just the flag. Great for checking all the tiny details described.

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