Fixing Tiny Comments in MS Word 2003

I just got to experience the miniiature comment feature of MS Word. Essentially after passing a document around with tracked changes, when it came back to me all the comments are much too small to read.

Google to the rescue, where all the conversations say you just need to change the settings for the Balloon Text style. Apparently this unilaterally decides 1pt is perfectly acceptable.

The problem is you cannot find Balloon Text in the default list of styles, even when you choose “All Styles”. The resolution was in this article: How the Styles and Formatting pane works in Microsoft Word 2002 and 2003 by Shauna Kelly.

Essentially the “All Styles” dropdown option under Styles&Formatting does not show all styles in Word 2003. Instead you need to choose Custom, and from there click a different “All Styles” button. Then you get Balloon Text in the list and are free to reset that stupid font size.

Almost annoying enough to warrant upgrading to that new Word with the ribbon thing. Almost.

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