Who can rid me of this troublesome UPK error?

Every now and then UPK seems to forget I closed it down. And when I relaunch it I get this delightfully useful message:

Nothing in tools menu actually helps. Only way I’ve discovered to be able to relaunch UPK is to physically reboot my PC. And since I’m in corporate-land (and Windows is a joy) that’s 20mins of my day gone.

Anyone know how to get past this “feature”?

2 thoughts on “Who can rid me of this troublesome UPK error?

  1. Kevin

    Annoying, isn’t it? UPK is not the only program that this happens to. It’s caused by a process instance not shutting down properly.
    1. Right-click the Windows Taskbar and launch the Task Manager.
    2. Click the Processes tab.
    3. Select OdDev.exe in the list of running processes.
    4. Click the End Process button.
    (You’ll get a message about losing any unsaved data but you can ignore this since you don’t have any data open).
    5. Confirm that you want to end the process.
    WARNING: Don’t use this as a normal method for closing UPK or you WILL lose data. But in the situation you described this is perfectLy safe (I and my colleagues have used it on numerous occasions without any problems).


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