Using Javascript with Sharepoint 2007

It’s relatively simple to include Javascript in your Sharepoint pages. With some judicious editing you can add your code inline or via separate code files.

Embedding Javascript

To include Javascript in your page:

  1. use a Content Editor Webpart (CEWP)
  2. edit via the Source Editor button (not Rich Text Editor), and
  3. add your code within standard <script></script> tags

Within the script block just add your normal code, comments, etc. The only issue you’ll have is being able to indent the text and make it look pretty. Tab doesn’t help; you’ll need to use spaces (the horror!).

Don’t use the Rich Text Editor
Important! Always use the Source Editor function to manipulate your code, or any other content within the same CEWP. If you use the Rich Text Editor at any point it will delete all your script.

Linking to Javascript source files

Sometimes your javascript code may be a little too long to embed. Or, like me, you’ve been burnt once too often by clicking the Rich Text Editor button by mistake. At such times you might prefer to link to separate javascript files rather than embedding all directly.

To link to a separate file:

  1. save the Javascript content as a separate .JS file and upload to somewhere on your site. I tend use a /scripts subfolder within the default documents library.
  2. add/edit your CEWP to reference the script file:
<script type="text/javascript" src="full path to script file"></script>

For example, here’s a CEWP that includes a separate Javascript file and then references a function (presumably) defined within it.

2 thoughts on “Using Javascript with Sharepoint 2007

  1. M8000

    Quick tip: If you are developing this to work with Internet Explorer 6 you’ll get security error messages when testing with a local copy of your code. However once you upload to the server the error messages stop appearing – thank goodness!


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