Want your iPad calendar to start the week on Monday? Move to Namibia

Frustratingly, my iPad calendar appeared to unilaterally decide that the first day of the week was Sunday. And there was no obvious setting to change it, like there is for Calendar on the Mac.

Turns out this “feature” is decided by Apple based on your region. They believe Australian weeks start on Sunday so that’s the way it is. To change the day, change your region.

For Australians wanting their calendar to start on a Monday:

  1. Launch settings
  2. Select General > International
  3. change region format to Namibia

This bizarre choice seems to have the best option for calendar setting, as well as changes it makes to keyboards (what currency symbol you see), date and time formats, even which google you default to when you search. Namibia appears to leave all the other settings “just like Australia”, and still default to google.com.au for searching in Safari.

Thanks to the clever chaps on the Whirlpool forums, particularly dokh22, for uncovering this. Now how long before Apple gives us a calendar setting to do it properly?

3 thoughts on “Want your iPad calendar to start the week on Monday? Move to Namibia

  1. Malcolm Thomas

    I’ve been irritated by this same problem and initially was advised to set international location to UK but that messed with currency settings in Pages etc .Namibia is slightly better in this regard but still when in Contacts has default address as Namibia. The best solution is obviously to get Apple to allow choice in this regard

  2. Richard Banham

    Namibia works well but I found that Papua New Guinea works well also for Australians who want Monday as their start of week. Being so close to Australia it inherits most of our regional preferences

  3. Mich P

    Mexico is not even on the list!
    plz if anybody find a way to start on monday!
    let us know, its irritating. Many mistakes have been caused and meetings overlaps because of such an insignificant detail.


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