Why won’t UPK start recording when I click my start key?

I’ve had a regular issue with UPK where it did not recognise my shortcut key to start and stop recording. I’ve been using automatic recording and set (via Tools > Options) UPK to use the PrintScreen button to start and stop. But then I’d be banging the PrintScreen button like a monkey, and nothing would happen.

Tried changing the start key, re-starting UPK, but nothing changed.

Well today I found out why. And it’s nothing to do with the key you select. The trick is to make sure the target application has focus BEFORE you click your start key.

The issue I had is I’d click Record in UPK, and then my next step would be to move the UPK recorder window out the way, and then click PrintScreen. Which meant that UPK, not my application had focus. And thus nothing would happen.

Now I move the UPK window out of the way, then click back in the target application, then click PrintScreen. And UPK starts up immediately.

Problem solved.

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