Stop this UI Madness: Confirming visible fields

Enough people.    Please stop building forms where I’m asked to confirm a field I can see quite clearly.  Like this example:

Or here’s another example. Which shows right and wrong use of duplicated fields and (horror or horrors) disables cut&paste.

The only requirement for a confirmation field is when entering a value that is not visible, i.e. a password.  For anything else I can see the value I’ve typed and “confirm” it’s correct without retyping.  Don’t make me repeat myself.

If worried about validity, beef up your error-checking.  Don’t delay me with pointless re-typing (or more usually, cut&pasting).

And another thing.  While making me repeat myself is bad enough, making me repeat myself and then disabling cut&paste in the repeated field gets you your own special corner of hell.

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