ePub Update: Chapter sizes and centering text

Couple of updates as more is uncovered about the joys of eBooks and eBook development.

How big is too big?

Earlier I posted recommendations that you separate ePUB content into separate files to improve eReader performance.  Buried within some ePUB best practices I uncovered at the Adobe ePUB/InDesign site is a more definitive guideline:

  • keep chapters to under 300K (uncompressed)
  • keep images to under 10MB (uncompressed)

Apparently anything bigger upset the SONY eBook Reader.  And we wouldn’t want to do that.

How to centre centred text?

Another post rued an issue with iBooks where content styled as centred refused to appear as such if the iBooks settings  had justification:on.

Well that problem still exists, but there is a simple solution.  Simply place an empty <span> inside of each element styled with text-align:center.  Do so and iBooks will honour your settings.

This fix is one of many gems in the Pigs, Gourds and Wikis article: Beating iBooks Bugs.  The rest of the article is definitely worth a read too.

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