Managing MS Word file bloat

Sorry. There are more reasons for file bloat in MS Word than we can possible manage. So this article will focus on just one that we tend to run into regularly. Problem we had was when writing training materials and including images of overheads. We”re firm fans of the “Send to MS Word” option in Powerpoint. This gives great looking pictures of each slide that you can just drag and drop into your document. However what tends to happen is after you’ve dragged a few into the document the file size suddenly jumps from something reasonable (for MS Word!) to a behomoth; we were regularly having to manage files of 50+ megs.

But after suffering one more time, found a solution at University of Queensland. And it worked like a charm.

Issue is that the “Send to Word” option does not create images of each slide but instead creates individual Powerpoint objects. Solution is to convert each slide object to an image:

  1. select the object – just click on it
  2. press CTRL+SHIFT+F9

To fix the whole document in one swoop, simply select everything (CTRL+A) before entering the special shortcut code above.

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