Captivate 7 Fail #3: No Mavericks for You

[Update: Adobe released an updated 20 November. Details and download links here.]

So not only do I have a product that I cannot install, or that doesn’t do what it says on the box re: TInCan, I now find out that it only works with old operating systems.

Just installed OSX Mavericks on my MBP. And while it appears to work fine (albeit a bit slower?), discovered today that the spirit of cooperation does not extend to Captivate 7. It completely fails to launch under Mavericks.

Quick visit to Adobe site and (surprise surprise) nothing officially announced. But dig into the forums and found this thread with this money quote from a member of the Captivate team.

23 October: We are working on it as I write and will have an update in next couple of weeks

As one of the posters pointed out, it’s not like Mavericks was a complete surprise. And DEV builds are available in advance precisely to test your apps with. Instead we get a vague “see you when you we see you” missive buried in a forum post. This on arguably the OS where most Adobe users will be hanging out, trying to earn a living.


3 thoughts on “Captivate 7 Fail #3: No Mavericks for You

  1. Steve

    A thought.

    Since I cannot launch Captivate on the MBP, I cannot select to de-register it so I have the option to install on another machine while waiting for this to be resolved.

    However all the subscription/registration is managed online. So why not when I register make me add a descriptor for the machine where the software is being installed. And then give me the ability to online to list all registrations and remotely disable one? How hard is that (not)?

  2. Urbie

    Same problem here, except that I’m still on Captivate 6 — I used to have an informal “No Upgrades” policy, under which I never upgraded anything until the old version was de-supported, but in a weak moment (and since it’s free) installed Mavericks the other night. So until they fix it, I’m hosed.


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