Captivate 7 Fail #2: Tincan – UPDATE

Further to my frustrations over the supposed TinCan functionality, I placed a question in the Adobe Forum.

You can read and follow the conversation here. But essentially the news is painful.

It appears TinCan CAN be made to work with Captivate IF you publish your content in an LMS. The content as developed relies on the LMS to determine the LRS endpoint and user details.

This is the most stupid implementation of TinCan support I can imagine. The entire point of TinCan is to allow flexible learning AND delivery. Content placed anywhere (not just in an LMS) can generate the appropriate message and report the learning event.

Having TinCan work only for content in an LMS is like having a mobile phone that only works while plugged into the wall. Brilliantly dumb. If the TinCan content has to be on the LMS then the entire point of TinCan has gone away. Might as well just use SCORM as per everything before.

Anyway, keep an eye on the forum post to see if anything changes. Until then, if crying into your drink, you’re not alone.

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