Adobe subscription system is broke (but you knew that already)

Just spent an entire afternoon trying (and failing) to install Adobe Captivate after purchasing a 12 month subscription.

Problem was/is that the installer fails to find my subscription when sent away to ask for it. Just says no subscription found.


After one of the slowest support chat conversations ever, narrowed issue down (perhaps) to the subscription verification needing to access a specific server and port that are potentially not open by default in my company firewall. The brilliant suggestion? Just turn off your firewall.

Presumably Adobe have never worked for a company with more than 7 employees that actually manages and controls access to such important elements of the computer. I’ve more chance of recreating Captivate using MS Paint than getting that to happen.

Frustratingly Adobe was quiet happy with the current Firewall settings when it took my money, and when I log into My Adobe to check I was not hallucinating and they really did take my money.

I hate (Adobe’s implementation of) software as a service.

2 thoughts on “Adobe subscription system is broke (but you knew that already)

  1. James Power

    And don’t you love that all the online help they send to you ignores subscription issues? Just talks about activation and deactivation. Chances of helping yourself – nil.

  2. steven Post author

    Yeah. Noticed that. It’s like the training/support department didn’t get the memo about the new model.


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