Editing a Webpart with Embedded Video (Sharepoint 2007)

If you’ve embedded video in your Sharepoint page, especially using the roll-your-own approach I use, you’ll have come across a problem when trying to edit.

Issue is the embedded video lives in its own world, and covers up attempts to access the modify webpart menu:


In the above image the black box is the video, and it appears as a layer that sits over the top of everything else on the page. Specifically, if you want to modify the webpart, good luck guessing where that menu option lives because the menu remains hidden behind the video window.

Thankfully there is a simple workaround. Minimize the webpart. Since that’s the only menu item still visible, you can click it without issue.


And then once the video has been minimised the full edit menu is available to you.


Afer you’ve completed your editing magic, simply Restore the webpart to put the video back into view.



editVideo-Menu If all the above is too hard (really?) there’s another option IF you are using the publishing toolbar.

Just choose Modify from the Page menu in that toolbar. But note this is only viable if you’ve bothered to name your webparts uniquely.

One thought on “Editing a Webpart with Embedded Video (Sharepoint 2007)

  1. Jane Durkin

    There’s another option that I find even easier. Just shrink or scroll the window so the webpart header is right near the bottom of the page. Then when you expand the menu it automatically appears upwards from the menubar, rather than over (behind!) the video.


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