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iWorks Pages: Adding vertical column headings

Pages is a glorious tool for drafting documents, particularly if you’re sick of working on documents from people who think every possible style permutation is acceptable and to be added by editing font sizes and layouts directly.

However every now and then you find missing a feature you take for granted in the opposition.  One of those is vertically aligned column headings.

To add such headings in Pages:

  1. Generate your table to get an approximate size for your heading cell.
  2. Create a textbox the same size as the heading cell. Use the Metrics inspector to help size the box and change the rotation to 90 degrees (to read bottom to top) or 270 degrees (to read top to bottom)
  3. Enter the required text – note it will flip back to horizontal while you type.
  4. Apply the required styles and alignment so you’ve an accurate picture of how large it needs to be.- Check the wrap inspector to ensure the text box does not cause wrapping
  5. Drag the text box over the top of the column heading it is to provide
  6. Do some final edits to coordinate the size of the text box and the column.

And that’s it.

If needing to add vertical headings to multiple columns it’s easier to duplicate the first one (click Option-Drag) and edit, rather than creating several from afresh.