Using combination laptop locks

A word to the wise….

When on client sites we use laptop cable locks to secure our precious Macbooks. And having got sick of always losing keys we’ve for the most part all moved to combination lock versions instead of keyed versions. If you use such a lock read on.

When going home what do you do with your lock? You set it to the right number to unlock it and remove your laptop. But then what? If you”re like us, you then leave your cable on your desk ready to lock back in the next day. However if you leave your lock as-is it remains set to your current unlock code. Anyone can read that code off your empty lock. They then just need to wait until the laptop is locked in (and the code suitably scrambled) before setting the noted unlock code and walking away with your precious cargo.

One of our colleagues realised this (a true d”oh moment) a while back and to see how common it was walked the floor that night to check out all combination laptop locks left on desks. Three-quarters of the locks were left set to their unlock codes. Made him appear somewhat magical the next day when visiting some of those pods and offering to try and “break” their codes.

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