Captivate 7 Fail? – No Monthly Subscription

As of mid-January you cannot get a month-by-month subscription for Adobe Captivate. All the details here.

While on the face of it this would appear to be a smart move for Adobe I think overall it will be a fail.

The monthly subscription used to be a fantastic option for the many users within organisations that only need the product intermittently. i.e. those who have a mad flurry of publishing content for a new release/initiative but then don’t need to touch any of the content for months when an update is requested. With the monthly subscription you could essentially lease the product for the development period, let it lapse and then pick up for another month whenever updates are due.

So are those people going to now take out a longer term subscription or purchase it? I think not. Instead they’ll download the trial version to make the changes, and then find someone with a subscription to publish it for them. And guess what, already happening. Fielded my first call this morning from an internal development team in precisely that position. All they need to do is make a couple of updates to their existing content. Subscribing for 12 months is not an option.

If I was Adobe I’d keep the month’s subscription, but bump it up a bit. Sure most teams would be happy to pay $50 or similar to get their project sorted. Plus we all know once a team gets Captivate available they find their own reasons to keep using it.

One thought on “Captivate 7 Fail? – No Monthly Subscription

  1. Jenny Post author

    Too funny. Just had exactly the same conversation with someone in my company. “You’ve got Captivate right? Could you publish some stuff for us if we make the changes?”.

    One more in the “shooting yourself in the foot” list Adobe is determined to compile


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